History of Tarot Card Readings

some tarot cards in front of a candleEven if you are not into fortune telling, you probably would have come across an unusual deck of cards and wondered what they were and how they worked. The absolute basic of Tarot cards is to foretell a person’s future, get an indication of their past or even help them to re-establish their lives by pointing them in the right direction. The art of tarot card reading is often fraught with misconceptions and myths brought forward by skeptical people who have not given themselves a chance to understand this fascinating subject.

A deck of Tarot cards is made up of 78 image cards, which are split between two categories, which are the Major and the Minor Arcana. The majority of cards some 56 falls into the Minor Arcana with the other 22 into the Major Arcana. The Major section provides an indication of overall spiritual meaning and the Minor events occurring on the practical side of our everyday lives. Each card has its own interpretation and individual meaning.

Each card has a suggested meaning with an overall structure but each individual Tarot card reader may have their own interpretation into the way a deck is dealt and the cards turned. This can sometimes be misleading as each Tarot reader will envisage differing situations in regard to the sequence in which the cards are turned.

Tarot Card History

Tarot cards originated in northern Italy around the beginning of the fifteenth century which is not as old as a lot of people imagine. Tarot cards were first invented as a card game and they were known as ‘Triumph’ cards and the game was along the same lines as our modern day game of Bridge. There is some evidence that these cards were used to predict future events the art of divination did not become popular until the early eighteenth century.

Tarot cards nowadays are used exclusively for fortune telling, or this is what most people think, but this is not true. A trained Tarot card reader will help you by reading the cards to discover your inner self. This is why Tarot cards are linked with astrology and the overall readings supplied by your natal chart which is based on the time and date of your birth.

A Tarot card reading is just an indication of how you can possibly improve your life in relation to health, relationships and general well-being. It is not something that will give you instant answers to all your problems but it should help to make you look at yourself with a new eye to see how you can make subtle changes to improve your overall environment.

A Tarot reading is very personal to the individual. Some believe it will predict the future and point the way forward to making a decision on a relationship. This can be dangerous because as mentioned earlier, a reader who is trained and still very proficient may have a different interpretation on how the cards are shuffled and dealt by you.