Can Tarot Readings Predict a Relationships Potential?

cards and crystalsTarot is possibly the most accurate and revealing of the prediction tools as acting to give an indication of how a relationship is going to develop. If you want an illustration of your past and how it affects your everyday life and possible future a Tarot reading from a psychic may give you the answers you are looking for.

The cards can be very good at forecasting because at the start there is an in-depth discussion of your current situation and how things from the past have shaped the here and now. The basis of a good reading has to establish what has happened in the past before any predictions for the future can even be considered. The past is our roots and preconceived ideas have been ingrained since birth, so these anomalies need to be understood before moving forward to embrace the future.

There are multiple ways on how to read the cards after dealing them out. When laid out each card has a symbol depicting an emotion or a stage in life-based on the early middle or late sets. A good psychic reading will focus on how the cards are displayed and give a reading based on the discussion of past events and happenings that have been imparted beforehand.

Classic Tarot Cards

The lovers: As the cards are dealt, every girl is interested to see this card turn over, but the target is to see it in the present rather than in the future. This is the soul mate card and if turned in the past represents a lost love and maybe regrets not pushing forward with a relationship. It may also indicate a preconceived view of the person you think you want to spend the rest of your life with, however as you progress with the reading more clarity will appear.

The Tower: If this card appears in the past it is an indication of a major break up and can confirm a rejection. Chaos is all around you if this card appears in the present and this indicates why you are seeking a reading at this time. The tower being turned in the future is a bright sign of love and a possibility of moving either to a new abode or possible career shift.

The Fool: This symbol is easy going signaling joy and frivolity. If this appears in the present the connotations are of a casual relationship which may or may not develop. It is the dream card that if appearing in the present may indicate a dalliance or secret desire for something that you know you should not have. Depending on how this card is turned in relation to others may indicate the cessation of a long-held fantasy.

Kings: If this card appears in the past of a women’s reading it indicates a domineering male presence, possibly a father figure or a forth right boss. However, if the king appears in the future it is a good indication that you will soon meet a man who will look after you and provide a bounteous future.

The Suits

In the tarot deck there are four suits; wands, pentacles, swords and cups. Each of the four suits relate to several different aspects and speak of a wide range of potentials. Each of the suits are also related to one of the four astrological elements, which in turn govern the pertaining zodiac signs. However, in a nutshell, these suits are represented thus;

Wands: The wands relate to one’s vital energy, inspiration, their creative capacity, spirituality and one’s ambition. The wands can also speak of opportunities, adventure in a person’s life. The wands relate to the element of Fire and therefore, the astrological signs of Aries, Leo and Sagittarius. If for example the king of wands is drawn in your love reading then it may indicate that you will meet or are currently engaging with a strong male figure, possibly older than you who is either a Leo, Sagittarius or Aries man.

Pentacles: The pentacles represents money, abundance, career, business, work, trading and material possessions. The pentacles can also represent anything you are trying to manifest in your life, especially for material gain. The pentacles are related to the element of Earth in astrology and, therefore, specifically relate to a Taurus, Virgo or Capricorn character. So, if for example, the page of pentacles is drawn in your love reading then this could indicate perhaps Virgo men in your life and specifically, one who is younger than you or perhaps of lower status in the work environment as it is the page card.

Swords: The swords represents mental energy, action, ambition, one’s courage and any conflict that may be going on in a person’s life. The suit of swords is represented by the element of Air in astrology and specifically relates to a Libra, Gemini or Aquarius character. So, in your love reading if the Queen of swords is drawn for example, then this may represent you in a powerful position and in charge of your thoughts and having clarity of thought and easily being able to see the way forward. If can of course, also represent another person in your life with strong mental faculties and possibly someone who is older than you and helping guide you in your decisions about your relationship.

Cups: The suit of cups represents emotions and are also directly associated with the feelings of love, relationships and emotional connections. This suit relates to the astrological element of Water and, therefore, may represent someone who is a Scorpio, Pisces or Cancer in your life. So, if for example, the ten of cups is drawn in your reading then this can represent all you wishes coming true with regards to a relationship and can even speak of marriage or a solid connection and union with someone else.